Relieve Cough & Boost Natural Health

An exquisite concoction of 21 selected Traditional Medicinal herbs added with Ginger. It is a Sugar-Free tea, Non-Bitter and comes with the spicy flavour of ginger. Added with ginger, beneficial in relieving cough and boosts natural healing.

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We have the popular frequently asked questions about HO YAN HOR.

1. What are the benefits of HO YAN HOR Ginger Tea?

HO YAN HOR Ginger Tea helps when you are feeling unwell with cough. It contains 21 types of Chinese traditional herbs plus the health benefits of Ginger to relieve cough and boost natural healing.

HO YAN HOR Ginger Tea is added with the benefits of ginger. Ginger is traditionally used to relieve cough – Dry or Chesty Cough. It has anti-inflammatory properties to improve respiratory health and help to clear phlegm and mucus from the airway.

Whenever you feel unwell and with cough, drink a cup of HO YAN HOR Ginger Tea. Can drink up to 2 cups a day for a period of 3 to 5 days.

HO YAN HOR Ginger Tea is caffeine free and therefore, is suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine and it will not affect sleep quality at night.