Since 1941, HO YAN HOR has strived in its innovation by creating more new herbal teas, to cater to the need of old and young; people of different lifestyles and needs; keeping its one sole objective of helping everybody in the family stay healthy, and for generations. HO YAN HOR is about maintaining health through Natural Healing!

When to drink HO YAN HOR?

Natural Recovery

Cold and Flu? Coughing?

HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea is fondly remembered by many as a medicine brewed by loving parents for their children when they are sick, often followed by a wrap up in a comfortable blanket to rest. Enjoy a cup of HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea to help relieve “heatiness” and common cold as well as promote self-healing. Drink twice daily for three days at the first sign of common cold for a safe and natural healing.

An exquisite concoction of 21 selected Traditional Medicinal herbs added with Ginger. It is a Sugar-Free tea, non-bitter and comes in a strong spicy flavour of ginger. Helps in relieving cough and boosts natural healing.

Natural Healing

Feeling heaty and unwell?

Body “heatiness” is a common symptom of body imbalance caused by unhealthy habits and lifestyle such as too much spicy or fried food, lack of sleep, dehydration and stress. It is the root cause of many illnesses. Balance and cool your body with a cup of HO YAN HOR Gold Tea and enjoy it’s refreshing effects anytime of the day.

Today’s fast paced, challenging, day-to-day life can contribute to hidden health problems leading to tension in the body and mind which affects quality of rest at night. What you need is to relax and wind down with a cup of HO YAN HOR Night Tea.

Natural Daily Healthy Tea

Stay healthy and balance everyday

A cup of HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing Tea after lunch will help to reduce body heatiness, keep an internal balance, cleanse excessive fats, detox, and reload your body with the health-boosting antioxidants. It comes with 29 types of Chinese traditional herbs in the Pur Erh tea base, providing you with the full benefits of natural remedies to maintain health every day.

You can now enjoy HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea every day to stay calm, relieve from tensions to keep you vibrant & healthy. With 20 types of Chinese traditional herbs and Mulberry tea base, it comes with an abundance
of multivitamins and minerals to improve eye health, boosts liver health and clears the skin.

Cooling & Refreshing

Everyday, anytime anywhere

A concoction of 29 Traditional Herbs in a Pur Erh tea base. It is a Sugar Free drink, with a tinge of refreshing herbal taste. It helps relieve heatiness and quench thirst. Suitable for daily drinking, anytime, and anywhere to help you stay refresh and healthy.

Ho Yan Hor ready-to-drink in tasty and refreshing sour plum flavour. Zero calories and Sugar-free, with a concoction of 29 traditional herbs. It is a cooling drink to instantly reduce body heatiness and quench thirst! Carry it along when you are on the go or out for a fun day, with no worries about body over-heating. Taste even more refreshing when chilled.


What Our Customers Say

It all started with a pot of herbal tea. HO YAN HOR is now a trusted brand and widely consumed by Malaysians. Let’s hear what they think about us.

Home remedy for early symptomsof sore throat, flu and fever.

This drink is my home remedy when I
have early symptoms of sore throat, flu
symptoms after I consume Ho Yan Hor

Sindy Siew / 24 July 2020 | FACEBOOK

罐装凉茶方便饮用 | 消暑解渴

何人可罐装凉茶方便饮用,它的味道清爽 可口,能够帮助我消暑解渴。在马来西亚 这么炎热的天气饮用它最适合

Windy Chan / 12 September 2020 | FACEBOOK

HOYAN HOR is our family’s favourite drink …

HO YAN HOR our family favourites drink to kick away body heatiness and cold ! Always have a box in our cabinet!

Sammi Sans / 24 July 2020 | FACEBOOK