HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea


HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea is fondly remembered by many as a medicine brewed by loving parents for their children when they are sick, often followed by a wrap up in a comfortable blanket to rest. Enjoy a cup of HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea to help relieve “heatiness” and common cold as well as promote self-healing. Drink twice daily for three days at the first sign of common cold for a safe and natural healing.

What's Special

A Special concoction of 31 natural herbs blended with black tea.

It is a long-standing herbal heritage tea since the 1940s, commonly used by households in Malaysia to fight common cold and flu.

Manufactured according to stringent pharmaceutical standards, hygienic, pesticide and contaminant free.

Comes in a combination of herbs that provides anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Main Ingredients

Premium Camellia Sinensis

The base of HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea is made from black tea which is derived from a shrub called Camellia Sinensis. Black tea contains alkylamine antigens that help boost our immune response. Additionally, it contains tannins that helps in fighting viruses and keep us protected from influenza.

Glycyrrhiza Uralensis

Known as Chinese licorice, it is an extract prepared from the sweet-tasting dried roots and underground stem of a shrub that grows in subtropical climates. It has been used to treat “heatiness”, cough, colds, arthritis, constipation, and to promote healing of stomach.

Platycodon Grandiflorum

Main herb used in Chinese medicine for diseases of the lungs and throat and is commonly used for inflammatory conditions of the eyes, ears and sinuses. The herb has strong expectorant and antitussive effects and is included in many cough formulas.

Other Herbal Ingredients:

Prunella vulgaris, Atractylodes Lancea, Scrophularia Ningpoensis and etc.


HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea is the original HO YAN HOR tea blend, famous for its quick recovering effects for common cold and flu. It contains 31 types of Chinese traditional herbs and effectively reduces body heatiness and makes you feel well again.

You can drink HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea whenever you feel unwell or when you feel a cold or flu coming on. Drink a cup of hot HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea once or twice a day for about 3 to 4 days to help quick recovery.

HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea is a Chinese herbal tea blend comprises of Chinese traditional herbs and black tea. It is not a medicine and therefore, is suitable for young and old. For young children (above 6 years old), just one cup a day for 2 days whenever necessary should be fine.

HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea is not a medicine, it has no preservatives, coloring, hormones, contaminants and pesticides. It is not contraindicated for pregnant ladies but however, please do not drink in excessive and do drink after meal to avoid any stomach sensitivity problem, which is common amongst pregnant ladies.

Yes, especially for people who often have heatiness problem due to food, diet or lifestyle can certainly drink HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea every day. Also good for people who are often down with cold and flu.

HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea contains black tea, which has a higher content of caffeine that may affect your sleep quality. If you have sleeping problem, please avoid drinking it at night.  Or you may want to consider drinking HO YAN HOR Night Tea, a caffeine-free tea made with Mulberry tea leaves.

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