HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing Tea


Enjoy the rich aroma of Pur Erh tea with the 29 Traditional Medicinal benefits of herbs to balance and regulate the internal body, cleanses and detox while reloading daily with an abundance of antioxidants.

What's Special

Helps to balance the body, reduces heatiness and regulate the internal environment.

Suitable as a daily drink after lunch or meal, to cleanse, detox and maintain a healthy digestive system.

100% natural. No preservatives. No artificial flavoring or coloring. Contains a low level of caffeine and is gentle to the stomach. FREE from pesticides and contaminants.

Manufactured under the stringent GMP standards with each sachet packed individually in a controlled-hygienic environment. HALAL certified.

Main Ingredients

Pur Erh Tea Leaves

The main ingredient of Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea is the premium Pur Erh which has antioxidant effects and is mild to the stomach. It helps to reduce “liver-fire”, and reduce “heatiness”. It also has weight management effects.

Cimicifuga Heracleifolia

Thanks to its heat-clearing and detoxification effects, combined with anti-inflammatory herbs to cure gum infection, mouth sores and sore throat.

Angelica Pubescentis

A Chinese herb that is used to dispel “wind” and “body dampness”. It is prescribed to relieve pain especially chronic or acute pain at the lower back with mild headaches.

Other Herbal Ingredients

Glycyrrhiza uralensis,Prunella vulgaris, radix angelica anomala, folium menthe arvensis and etc.


HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing Tea helps reduce body “heatiness”, maintains a balanced internal environment, cleanses the digestive system, improves the body’s metabolism, antioxidant functions and therefore, helps to keep health and well-being.

HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing tea contains the benefits of 29 types of Chinese Traditional Medicinal herbs and Pur Erh tea. A combined effect of medicinal and tea benefits.

Pur Erh tea is well known for its medicinal value of enriching the body with antioxidants, eliminate body fats, cleanses the digestive system, controlling cholesterol & blood sugar levels & etc.

HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing tea is a health tea that you can drink every day to keep a balanced and healthy body. It is gentle to the stomach and low in caffeine.

HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing Tea comes with a Pur Erh tea base and is gentle to the stomach with lower content of caffeine.

HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing is suitable for busy working people who want to enjoy a cup of warm aromatic tea after lunch, to help quench thirst and detox at the same time.

HO YAN HOR Everyday Balancing Tea is currently available in Hovid Online Stores and selected retailers near to you.

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