Here’s how you can brew a teabag of HO YAN HOR tea:

  1. Bring fresh, filtered water to boil
  2. Place a HO YAN HOR tea bag into a medium size cup
  3. Pour the boiled water into cup, covering the teabag
  4. Allow to brew for 5 minutes
  5. Remove the teabag after 5 minutes and ready to enjoy
  6. For the 6g teabag, a second time brewing is possible.

HO YAN HOR tea is a tea blend of Chinese traditional herbs with premium tea. It is not a medicine and therefore, is suitable for young and old. For young children (above 6 years old), drink one cup a day for 2 days whenever necessary is fine.

All herbs and tea used in HO YAN HOR tea bags are carefully selected and stringently screened to ensure they are free from coloring agents, preservatives, contaminants, hormones, heavy metals and pesticides. You can drink it with peace of mind.

Yes, all HO YAN HOR teas are HALAL, certified by JAKIM Malaysia. In addition, every HO YAN HOR teabag is manufactured under strict GMP standards in Hovid’s pharmaceutical manufacturing facility to assure its safety and efficacy.

HO YAN HOR Original Herbal Tea contains black tea leaves which is slightly acidic (at pH 4.9 to 5.5) and may irritate an empty stomach.

HO YAN HOR Night Tea, HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea and HO YAN HOR Ginger Tea contains Mulberry tea leaves while HO YAN HOR Gold Tea is with Pur Erh tea leaves and these 2 premium teas are milder and don’t irritate the stomach. However, if you have sensitive stomach, it is best drink HO YAN HOR tea after meal.

Of all the HO YAN HOR tea range, HO YAN HOR Night tea is caffeine-free as it contains Mulberry tea leaves and hence, suitable to drink at night without affecting your sleep quality.

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