HO YAN HOR Herbal Tea Drink


A concoction of 29 Traditional Herbs in a Pur Erh tea base. It is a Sugar-Free drink, with a tinge of refreshing herbal taste. It helps relieve heatiness and quench thirst. Suitable for daily drinking, anytime, and anywhere to help you stay refresh and healthy. It comes in 2 flavours – herbal flavour and sour plum flavour.

What's Special

A convenient way to drink HO YAN HOR Herbal Tea that contains 29 types of traditional herbs in Pur Erh tea base.

It helps relieve heatiness and quench thirst fast. It comes in 2 great flavours – Herbal and Sour Plum.

HO YAN HOR Herbal Tea Drink is for people of all ages to enjoy as a daily beverage. Absolutely healthy in Sugar-Free formula.

A convenient Herbal Tea Drink that keeps you always cool and refreshed. You will love the refreshing taste of herbals and Pur Erh tea while enjoying its great health benefits.

Main Ingredients

Pur Erh Tea Leaves

The main ingredient of HO YAN HOR Herbal Tea Drink is the premium Pur Erh which has antioxidant effects and is mild to the stomach. It helps to reduce “liver-fire”, and reduces “heatiness”. It also has weight management effects.

Cimicifuga Heracleifolia

Thanks to its effect of heat-clearing and detoxification effects combined with herbs with anti-inflammatory properties to cure gum infection, mouth sores and sore throat.

Angelica Pubescentis

A Chinese herb that is used to dispel “wind” and “body dampness”. It is prescribed to relieve pain especially chronic or acute pain at the lower back with mild headaches.

Other Herbal Ingredients

Glycyrrhiza uralensis,Prunella vulgaris, radix angelica anomala, folium menthe arvensis and etc.


HO YAN HOR Herbal Tea Drink is made of a blend of 29 traditional herbs in Pur Erh tea base. It helps in reducing heatiness, quench thirst, and cools the body. When drink chilled, you will feel the quick refreshing effect.

HO YAN HOR Herbal Tea Drink is a very tasty and refreshing drink, with just a tinge of herbal flavour and mild sweetness. It is a healthy Sugar-Free drink that helps hydrate the body and reduces body heatiness.

Yes, it is suitable for children. It is a Sugar-Free healthy herbal drink. It can be used as part of daily fluid intake. But if the children have a sensitive stomach, better to drink after a meal.

You can use it as your daily refreshing beverage. It is Sugar-Free and has the benefits of 29 traditional herbs and Pur Erh tea. This ready-to-drink canned packaging is convenient, it is easy to carry around and drink as and when you desire.

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