HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea


You can now enjoy HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea every day to stay calm, relieve from tensions to keep you vibrant & healthy. With 20 types of Chinese traditional herbs and Mulberry tea base, it comes with an abundance of multivitamins and minerals to improve eye health, boosts liver health and clears the skin.

What's Special

Helps calm tension, brighten and clear skin problems.

Suitable to drink as a daily beverage to stay healthy and vibrant at any time of the day.

100% natural. No preservatives, No artificial flavoring & coloring. Caffeine-free and therefore does not affect sleep quality. FREE from pesticides & contaminations.

Manufactured under the stringent GMP standard with each sachet packed individually in a controlled – hygienic environment. HALAL certified.

Main Ingredients

Mulberry Tea Leave

The main ingredient of Ho Yan Hor Everyday Calming Tea is mulberry tea leaves which are caffeine free and packed with multivitamins and minerals. It is used for centuries to treat “wind-heat” affected by exopathogens, “liver-fire” and conjunctival congestion.

Glycyrrhiza Uralensis

Known as Chinese licorice, it is an extract prepared from the sweet-tasting dried roots and underground stem of a shrub that grows in subtropical climates. It has been used to treat “heatiness”, cough, colds, arthritis, constipation, and to promote healing of stomach.

Gardenia Jasminoides

This is a very common herb in Chinese Medicine. It has a relatively strong cooling nature. It can be used to clear “heatiness” that accumulates in the chest, relief irritability and restlessness, the sensation of tightness in the chest and helps improves insomnia. It also helps to promote urination and releases heat from the body.

Other Herbal Ingredients

20 types of carefully selected Chinese traditional herbs that comes with calming, cooling, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and health tonic effects.


HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea is a refreshing and tasty tea suitable for tea lovers. Drink it every day to enjoy its health-balancing effects from the carefully selected traditional herbs plus the beauty and cleansing effects of Mulberry tea leaves.

HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea contains only a relatively low amount of Chinese traditional herbs just nice to calm and balance the body. It is basically a Mulberry tea that helps you to stay vibrant and improve skin clarity. Unless you have an extremely weak body, you can drink HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea as often as you wish.

You can enjoy a cup of HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea anytime and anywhere; at home or in the office. Don’t forget to drink a cup of HO YAN HOR Everyday Calming Tea – a health and beauty tea, every day!

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